The Montessori teaching method encourages children to develop strong independence, concentration, and order skills. In our preschool, children learn how to be self-directed by providing a prepared environment where they choose their own work, based on their own interests. Montessori materials promote positive attitude towards school, self-confidence, sense of order, and habit of concentration. 

 Our teachers ¨guides", prepare the classroom with 5 different stations: Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Math, and Science. During working time children independently and they’re given an uninterrupted period of time to complete that activity. Plus, they learn to return materials to their proper place at the end.

We care a lot about encouraging creativity and art! We have every day ¨creative curriculum¨ time. Which provides plenty opportunities for self-expression, dexterity, promote social development, develop fine and gross motor skills. Fun, fun, fun!

Everybody knows and have heard that children are a sponge when it's about Learning. Believe me, it's true !

"French Montessori Preschool of San Diego" is a trilingual school,  we speak French, Spanish, and English. Everyday, children have a joyful Spanish and a French class. They love to learn new words and learn so fast!